Andreas Martin Hofmeir Mundstücke

Andreas Martin Hofmeir Mouthpieces  for Tuba

Andreas Martin Hofmeir Artist Model „Paul“ designed by Perantucci

Great sound, quick response, great flexibility and excellent intonation
available finish: silver plated and gold plated

– Cup Diameter: 32,00 mm
– Rim: 7,30 mm
– Throat bore: 8,85 mm

AMH „Paul the Great“ designed by Perantucci.
New Mouthpiece for CC- and Bbb-Tubas

– Cup Diameter: 33,70 mm
– Rim: 7,00 mm
– Throat bore: 8,50 mm

AMH „Paul the Great Pro“
Das neue Mundstück für B- und C-Tuba, Andreas Martin Hofmeir Artist Model „Paul der Große – Pro“ designed by Perantucci

– Cup: 33,90 mm
Rim: 7,00 mm
– Bore: 8,55 mm